Speedo Mick almost at the end of his epic journey

The Everton fundraiser, Speedo Mick, has almost reached the end of his 1000 mile walk.

Braving the freezing conditions in just his swimwear, the Merseyside man has made his way from John O'Groats to almost reach Land's End.

During the course of his endeavour, he has raised over £250,000 for the charity "Leave a light on", which gives money to community projects for disadvantaged people.

Mick, real name Michael Cullen, set off on December 12 and has been supported wherever he has been in the UK.

Credit: ITV News

He said that this support helped him carry on as the feat had been really tough on his body and mind.

He had to take a brief break halfway through the walk after he injured his calf, but is now just one day away from finishing.

You can donate to his page here.