Alleged Manchester bombing conspirator Hashem Abedi will not give evidence in his defence, jurors at the Old Bailey have been told.

Addressing Abedi's defence barrister, Stephen Kamlish QC, the judge Mr Justice Jeremy Baker said: "Have you advised your client, Mr Abedi, the stage has now been reached where he may give evidence and if he chooses not to do so or having been sworn refuses to answer any questions, the jury may draw inferences that are appropriate for his failure to do so?"

Mr Kamlish replied: "Yes my Lord, I have."

It came as Duncan Penny QC concluded the prosecution case, six weeks after the jury were first sworn in.

Mr Justice Jeremy Baker, addressing the jury, continued: "Members of the jury, you will appreciate that that's all the evidence you are going to hear in this trial, there will be no further evidence and it's on that evidence in due course you will be asked to reach your verdicts in this case.

"However before that stage comes, I'm going to have to sum the case up to you and that will involve giving you some legal directions, some guidance on some evidential matters you have heard during the course of the trial, a reminder of relevant factors."

Jurors heard that Abedi was detained in Libya less than 48 hours after his brother detonated the suicide bomb, and was extradited to the UK two years later.

He answered "no comment" in police interviews, but handed detectives a prepared statement through his solicitor in which he denied involvement and said he "could not comprehend" his brother's actions.

His statement, read to jurors, added: "Had I had any idea of it I would have reported it to my mother initially and then to other family members to prevent it from happening. I was shocked my brother had done this and felt bad for everybody.

"I could never have envisaged that my brother had it in him to do this to innocent people."

The case was adjourned until Thursday.