Coronation Street tackles homophobia in football

Coronation Street is tackling the difficult subject of homophobia in football. Nathan Graham plays James Bailey, who's hiding his sexuality over fears it could affect his football career.

As part of his research into storyline he got advice from openly gay rugby league star, Keegan Hirst, who revealed his sexuality in 2015.

Nathan Graham (left) with rugby league star Keegan Hirst. Credit: ITV

The storyline will leave James forced to decide whether to go public about his sexuality or continue to live a lie.

He is also worried about the press coverage that would follow were he to come out, and the reaction from fans due to suspected homophobia in the sport.

There are currently no openly gay professional players in the top tiers of men's UK football.

Nathan says he's also been inspired in the role by late footballer Justin Fashanu, Britain's first openly gay footballer.