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North West councils set new guidelines for funerals during coronavirus lockdown

Credit: Liverpool City Council

Councils across the North West have set out new guidelines for funerals during the coronavirus lockdown.

Many councils have limited the numbers of those who can attend burial and crematorium services to a maximum of 10 people.

Below is a list of councils whose guidelines were publicly available.

If your council is not listed, a list of all council support numbers for those requiring support during the coronavirus pandemic can be found here.

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Liverpool City Council

  • Funeral services at the city’s three public crematoria (Springwood, Anfield and Myrtle) will only be able to accommodate a maximum of 10 people at the ceremony.
  • The city council’s Register Office will continue to honour religious observances for funerals.

Knowsley Council

  • Attendance at funerals restricted to a maximum of 10 people only (excluding funeral and cemetery staff).
  • Until further notice you will not be able to pre-purchase a grave plot.
  • Knowsley Cemetery will remain locked to vehicle access with access arranged for funerals only.
  • Pedestrian access will remain open at all times.

Wirral Council

  • Those attending funerals at cemeteries and crematorium limited to no than 15 mourners until further notice.

Manchester City Council

  • Bereavement Services are continuing to carry out Cremations at Blackley Crematorium, and burials at all of our Cemeteries, which includes:
  • Southern Cemetery
  • Gorton Cemetery
  • Philips Park Cemetery
  • Blackley Cemetery
  • Mourners at any funeral gathering within all cemeteries will be restricted to a maximum of 10
  • Communal hymn books will not be available to mourners in chapels.
  • In the Crematorium CD players and wireless speakers have been made available for families and funerals directors for music to be played through.

Salford City Council

  • All chapel services at Agecroft Crematorium, Peel Green Crematorium and Swinton Cemetery Chapel will be limited to ten mourners until further notice.

Trafford Council

  • Restricted attendance at chapel services at Altrincham Crematorium Chapel to immediate family only with a maximum of 10 mourners.
  • Service books have also been removed from Chapels as a precaution and hand shaking is also being discouraged with ministers, celebrants and funeral directors until further notice.

Oldham Council

  • Mourners at services in Hollinwood Crematorium Chapel will be restricted to a maximum of 10
  • Services prior to interment and extended services will also be
  • suspended
  • Access into the crematorium is extremely limited and both the burial and the scattering of cremated remains is suspended
  • Mourners are also being encouraged to wait in their cars or outside thechapel ahead of services, rather than congregating in the waiting room
  • Mourners must abide by the national social distancing guidelines (two metres) at all services, both inside and outside the Chapel
  • ervice books have also been removed from the chapel to prevent any cross contamination and hand shaking is also being discouraged with ministers, celebrants and funeral directors until further notice.
  • Hand sanitiser is available to all mourners, at the entrance to the chapel.

Bolton Council

  • Funerals at the crematorium will be limited to a maximum of 10 guests.

Copeland Council

  • Funerals are still permitted, but there is strict guidance that attendance should be minimal, ie immediate family only.
  • Employees will no longer meet and greet relatives and friends, and funeral directors and celebrants will lead services into the chapel.
  • The Chapel of Remembrance is currently closed
  • All hymn books have been removed from our chapels.
  • Mourners are encouraged to stay in their cars or wait outside, and not meet in the waiting room.

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