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Appeal after NHS worker spat at while walking to tram station on way home

A man spat twice at an NHS worker in Manchester as she walked home after a ten-hour shift.

Sama Shali, who is 33 and works in medicine management at The Christie Hospital, was walking to a nearby tram station when she was targeted.

A man on a bike came up to her on Wilmslow Road in West Didsbury and spat on her twice.

Credit: MEN Media

"He said something to me and I took my earphones out to hear what he said.

"“I asked him if he could give me some space as he was quite close to me and then he spat in my face.

“I was so shocked and I told him I was going to ring the police. He just started circling me on his bike and then he did it again - he spat at my face again.”

– Sama Shali

Thankfully for Sama, who lives in Stretford, there were two women running nearby who saw the incident and were able to take a photo of the man and make him leave her alone.

Sama said her work lanyard was clearly on display and she believes it might impact her job if the man has coronavirus.

Credit: MEN Media

Sama says her managers and colleagues have been extremely supportive, but she still feels affected by what happened.

“Now I am scared that I could pass it on to my colleagues or patients.

“We are short-staffed and I am scared of the impact it will have on my team if I become ill.”

– Sama Shali
  • The offender is described as a white man, aged in his 30s, and with amedium build.
  • He was wearing a black jumper and black jeans and was riding a red pedal bike.
  • Anyone with information should contact police on 101 quoting incident number 2139 of 25/03/2020.

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