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What's it like preparing to give birth during COVID-19 lockdown?

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The coronavirus outbreak has left many people feeling trapped in their homes - but for mums to be the situation has been particularly tough.

Pregnant women are among those classed as vulnerable to COVID-19 along with the elderly and people with certain health conditions.

So what it's like preparing to give birth in such an unsettling time? How do you face the prospect of giving birth without your partner if they fall ill?

Stephanie Bowers is soon to be a first-time mum and is facing the possibility of her husband not being allowed at the birth.

She said: I'm feeling ok but I'm still anxious about it all.

"Two weeks ago when it started to look like he could possibly not be there, in my head that was non-negotiable."

She has also been visiting the midwife on her own, so that as much social distancing is observed as possible.

She added: "She is checking my heartbeat, measuring me. These are things you cant do over the phone, checking that the baby is in the right position so that has been really reassuring.

"The advice is to attend those on your own, any scans you are to attend those on your own as well which is not too big a problem.

"It's more the birth obviously I want my husband to be there with me."

  • Advice for expectant mum's from Midwife, Mary Ross-Davie

Antenatal courses are now being held online to ensure that parents still get support and advice but from their own homes.

Angela McConville, chief executive at the National Childbirth Trust, said: "It has been described to me as a lifeline at a time when people are feeling quite disconnected and isolated and I think there are parents who feel a little grief-stricken that they cant have the pregnancy that they were hoping for."

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