A nine-year-old boy from Merseyside with a dream of joining the Army was given a surprise when a troop-carrier truck arrived at his door.

Noah Clarke-Roberts, from Birkenhead , wrote to his local Army unit to tell them he wanted to join after studying the World Wars in school.

He was eagerly awaiting a reply but got more than he bargained for when it was personally delivered by Regimental Sergeant Major Richard Armour, who arrived in a six-tonne MAN troop-carrier.

Credit: MOD

Noah, who will spend the day with the 156 Royal Logistics Corp in Liverpool once coronavirus restrictions are lifted, said: "It's unbelievable, I'm shocked!"

Credit: MOD

In the letter, the aspiring soldier said he had "good gun aim", was fast and would do lots of practice.

Sgt Maj Armour, who also gave Noah a day sack of Army goodies, said: "Last Thursday we received a letter from Noah saying he wanted to help and join when he's older and asking us to write back to him.

RSM Richard Armour holding the original letter received by Noah Clarke-Roberts aged 9 Credit: MOD

"He even took the time to draw some pictures and put a little toy soldier in the envelope.

RSM Richard Armour
Credit: MOD

Noah's mother, Danielle, said she thought her son would make a good soldier.

"He's very confident, not shy, very kind - a bit cheeky sometimes," she said.