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National Museums Liverpool launch project for children during lockdown

Credit: National Museums Liverpool

Venues are closed but National Museums Liverpool is launching a new project where children get to imagine they are the curators of their very own collection of special objects and artworks from home.

My Home is My Museum is a project for four to 11 year-olds that will encourage children to learn about what museums and galleries do on a day-to-day basis.

Children are being asked to put together a list of up to 10 items that represent their life with a short description about the objects, as well as designing a poster to go alongside it to be uploaded to social media saying why it would be a must-see exhibition.

When National Museums Liverpool’s venues reopen, those shortlisted will feature in a special digital exhibition online.

Credit: ITV News

Director of National Museums Liverpool, Laura Pye said: “While we’re sad that our museums and galleries aren’t open to the public at the moment, we want to make sure that we’re still connected with our younger visitors and inspire them as they learn from home.

“This project is a fun and wonderfully personal way for children to understand what museums are for. They’re not just for preserving rare objects and fine paintings; they’re also there to tell stories about who we are and where we’ve come from and to inspire conversations about where we’re going."

More information is available via the National Museums Liverpool here.

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