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Student midwife from University of Salford helps to deliver lecturers grandson

One of the photos Declan took of the family after the birth. Credit: Declan Brown

A student midwife from the University of Salford recently helped to deliver the grandson of one of his lecturers.

Declan Brown was part of a team that helped out at a home birth for Sarah Brown's daughter Anna last month.

Sarah’s daughter Anna gave birth to baby Eliot at home, with the support of Declan and a midwifery team from St Mary’s Hospital, as well as her partner, Joe.

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Anna said: "Declan was a wonderful labour supporter! The beautiful photos he took we will treasure forever.

"He will make a brilliant midwife and any woman who plans a home birth should consider having a student midwife from Salford University with them!"

Declan said: "The home birth was such a lovely experience, something that I will take with me throughout my training and beyond. I felt really 'at home' with the family, they were all so welcoming."