Aquarium staff sing to calm creatures during coronavirus lockdown

Staff at the Sealife aquarium in Blackpool are keeping their stingrays, sharks and fish calm during the coronavirus lockdown by playing music and singing to them.

The creatures they care for are used to the noise of visitors, so were becoming distressed by the silence.

An aquarist visits each day to feed all of the species, as well as checking on the health and wellbeing of the baby sharks and tiny juvenile stingrays. Deliveries of food for the creatures are being made weekly during the current lockdown.

We noticed some of the creatures seemed a little restless without anyone around and with virtual silence in the aquarium "We even leave the radio on when there’s no-one there. I’ve been working with the creatures for a number of years, so I know when they’re happy and can tell if they’re slightly restless or uneasy. There are just small changes in behaviour. The tunes have made a real difference."

Mel Shawcross, lead aquarist