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Greater Manchester Police takes first 101 calls from home

Credit: GMP

Greater Manchester Police could be the first force in England to take 101 calls from home.

There are currently just over 20 call handlers that have the ability to take calls and respond to live chat queries externally, and this will be extended to a further 10 by the end of the week.

It comes after the force announced they have 1800 officers off sick, either through showing COVID-19 symptoms or because they need to self-isolate.

Chief Superintendent Paul Clements said: “I believe GMP could be the first force in England to take 101 calls from home and we are really pleased with how the process has gone. The callers won’t be able to detect any differences, they receive the same level of service and everything is logged on our systems in the same way.

“When 101 calls are received in to our switchboard, they are assessed for risk. Those that are deemed low risk are pushed through to the call handlers at home.

“Some of our colleagues have to self-isolate, like everyone else, but this system means that our staff can continue to use their skills and experience to help our communities when they call, even when they are working from home.”

GMP Chief Constable, Ian Hopkins, said the force has been able to implement this way of working during the coronavirus pandemic due to major IT changes.

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You can access the LiveChat service offered by Greater Manchester Police to report crime here or by calling 101 or 999 in an emergency.

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