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International Slavery Museum goes virtual during coronavirus lockdown

Credit: Tom Adam

The International Slavery Museum in Liverpool has launched a virtual version of its exhibits.

The museum decided to make their exhibitions accessible online during the UK lockdown so that people can still enjoy a day at the museum from the comfort of their own sofa.

Credit: International Slavery Museum/Pete Carr

Dr Richard Benjamin, head of the International Slavery Museum, said: "These are trying times for everyone, but staying at home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the museum experience.

"With our virtual museum, you can explore the Life in West Africa gallery, displaying magnificent and diverse cultures, empires and civilisations before the arrival of Europeans."

People will also be able to see the 'Enslavement and Middle Passage' gallery, which Dr Benjamin says challenges "preconceived ideas on imperialism and colonialism".

He added that this is a way for people "come on a journey with us whilst staying safe and well".

You can access the museum's virtual galleries here.

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