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Liverpool charity donating craft kits to children around the city

Credit: Kit it Out

Liverpool charity Kit It Out have been buying "stay at home" craft kits for children in the city.

The charity have been using the money raised from auctioning off Jamie Carragher's collection of swapped football shirts to buy the goodie bags.

The money had originally been intended to buy sportswear for people in the city who might not be able to afford it.

Jamie Carragher donated his swapped shirts to the charity. Credit: Kit it Out

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown of the UK they decided to use the money to support people in a different way.

£15,000 was raised from auctioning off the swapped shirts with some of the money also going towards struggling food banks in the city.

Michelle Smith, who is co-founder of the charity, said: "There's a lot of kids and families in our communities that are struggling at the best of times and these issues aren't going away just because we're dealing with COVID-19."

The "stay at home" kits will include crafts, homeschooling equipment and some treats.

They will be delivered to families via community groups over the Easter Weekend.

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