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RSPCA rescue pets from West Lancashire house after owner falls ill with Coronavirus

The RSPCA workers had to wear protective equipment to enter the house. Credit: RSPCA

Three dogs and a budgie had to be rescued from a house in Skelmersdale after their owner was taken to hospital with Coronavirus symptoms.

The RSPCA officers were contacted by social services after the man was taken to Wigan Infirmary, however, no-one was allowed to enter the house for 72 hours due to the risk of contamination.

Two officers from the animal welfare charity entered the house on Monday dressed in full PPE clothing to find all animals in good health.

They have now been taken into the care of the RSPCA where they will remain until their owner recovers.

The dogs were all said to be in good health. Credit: RSPCA

Inspector Paul Heaton said: "We had the full PPE clothing on with face masks and shoe covers and we were able to carry out the safe rescue of these pets.

"I went in the house to rescue the pets and put them in my van to transfer to a kennel while Dave followed me in his van.

"As he had not come into contact with the house he took the pets inside the kennels while I disinfected the van. All the procedures were in place to get these pets the help they needed."

“The dogs looked in really healthy condition; they are obviously much loved pets.

The charity are encouraging people to display this in their window in case of emergency. Credit: RSPCA

The charity is now encouraging owners to make a plan for their pets in case of an emergency during the outbreak.

In England, councils have a duty to provide care for pets when people in their area are taken into hospital.

The RSPCA people can ensure that this happens by filling in an emergency pet care form and displaying it in their window.

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