Drawings and gifts make your day better says binman, 18

A binman working hard in Greater Manchester through lockdown has said drawings from children, supportive messages and gifts have been helping lift the spirits of his crew.

Jack Mills, an 18-year-old refuse collector, said his crew are collecting more rubbish than ever as people stay at home, but gestures of support help put a smile on their faces.

Mr Mills, from Chadderton in Oldham, has worked for a refuse collection agency while deciding on a career since finishing his A-Levels in economics, business and PE last summer.

He said receiving messages and gifts including chocolate eggs and beer "makes your day better".

Credit: Val Mills/PA Wire
Credit: Val Mills/PA Wire

He added his favourite drawing was of binmen in their wagon, by some of the neighbourhood children.

Mr Mills said while they have enough PPE, including gloves, hand sanitiser and masks, residents could help keep binmen safe by cleaning their bin handles.

"Sometimes you do worry thinking about what you're coming into contact with, definitely," he said