Carer in Preston give 94-year-old D-Day veteran cushion with late wife's picture on it

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Ben Chapman

After losing his wife last year, 94-year-old Ken Benbow would often take a photo of his late wife Ada, to bed with him at a care home in Preston, Lancashire.

The former Royal Navy serviceman, who lives at Thistleton Lodge nursing home, has had a picture of her with him since she died nine months ago.

Realising this, Ken's care worker Kia Tobin decided to surprise him with a cushion with his late wife's face printed on it.

A heartwarming video of Ken's reaction to the gift was posted online, and the clip went viral.

Video below from Thistleton Lodge.

The video shows the moment 17-year-old carer Kia shows Ken the cushion, with the veteran hugging it and starting to cry.

In an interview on ITV's Good Morning Britain, the 94-year-old said he was truly touched by the incredible act of kindness from his 17-year-old carer.

"It was so touching. It was the most precious thing anyone could have wished for."

Ken said that he and his late wife Ada, who he was married to for 71 years before she died, did not want to go into a care home.

But they were persuaded to go to Thistleton Lodge "for a rest" for two weeks by their daughter, and they never looked back.

Ken spoke lovingly of his late wife in the interview with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

He said, "She was the best little woman in the world, the most loving, caring, beautiful wife anyone could wish to have. She never did a thing wrong in her life!"

Thanks to Kia's thoughtful gift, Ken can now cuddle up to the cushion instead of a photo frame.

Ken and Ada met at a dance in Liverpool, he proposed a short time later at another dance. He says the pair were so close to each and "were made for each other."

Ken and Ada met while they were out dancing in Liverpool. Credit: Ken Benbow.

17-year-old carer Kia Tobin has moved into the care home to minimise the risk of coronavirus. She decided to get the pillow for Ken because he went to bed each night cuddling a picture of Ada in a glass photo frame.

She said it's hard to describe the feeling of seeing Ken's reaction to the pillow. "It was so rewarding as well, it doesn't cost a lot and it made him so happy."