Domestic abuse campaign launched across Cheshire to reach victims in isolation

Cheshire Police has launched a campaign aimed at reaching out to victims of domestic abuse, amid fears the coronavirus lockdown may have left some people struggling to access help.

It follows a drop in calls to helplines based in the county, despite a huge rise throughout the UK in the number of people calling the National Domestic Abuse Helpline.

The Open The Door campaign is a collaboration between the police, councils and charities. It was initiated by the county's Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane, who wants victims to know that there is help available.

Are you worried about the repercussions of speaking out?

Campaigner, Abi Blake believes part of the reason why there has been a drop in people reaching out across Cheshire is because some victims may be worried about the repercussions. Ms Blake, who was once a victim of domestic abuse herself, believes it's important that those suffering know how help is provided and what measure victims can take to try and protect themselves.

Can you help?

For those who do reach out, police in Cheshire are working with a number of partners, including My Cheshire Without Abuse. Despite the pandemic causing this charity to loose out in thousands of pounds, it is still able to provide some essential services, including talking to people online. However, staff want to reach more people and some perpetrators may have removed forms of communication, so the charity is asking for the public's help.

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For help and advice in Cheshire:

  • [Cheshire East Domestic Abuse Hub](http://Cheshire East Domestic Abuse Hub): 0300 123 5101

For help and advice in Greater Manchester:

  • The Greater Manchester Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0161 636 7525

For help and advice in Lancashire:

For help and advice in Merseyside:

  • Worst Kept Secret helpline: (Free confidential helpline that doesn't show up on landline bills.) 0800 028 3398