Student nurse may have saved her dad's life after spotting symptoms of coronavirus

A student nurse from Cheshire may have saved her own dad’s life after spotting he was suffering the symptoms of coronavirus.

Shanice Jones, 25, of Runcorn, put her training into practice bywasting no time to don personal protective equipment (PPE) and giveRussel Warrington a full "A&E" medical assessment.

Alarmed by his low oxygen, crackling lungs, limited breathing and theabsence of any sense of taste or smell, Shanice and her mum Linda rangWarrington Hospital and held the phone close to his lungs to stressthe urgency of his situation to the doctor on the other end.

Shanice said her dad "didn't want to go in" but her interventionpersuaded him he needed help.

Retired factory worker Russel was rushed to the hospital and admittedto the respiratory ward A7.

Having tested positive for the disease, medics gave him oxygenand kept him in for a week.

With his condition stabilised and signs of recovery starting to show,he was discharged home yesterday, welcomed by his family’s tears ofrelief.

Russel in hospital Credit: Liverpool Echo

“He’s calling the staff on there ‘angels. If it wasn’t for them he probably wouldn’t have his life.

Shanice Jones

Describing the moment she realised his condition’s severity, Shanicesaid: “I did a triage on him and I knew pretty much straight away whatit was.

“I could hear it on the lungs.”

Credit: Liverpool Echo

The doctors and nurses applauded him as he left and Shanice said oneof the nurses was crying too.

Shanice heaped praise on the "amazing" staff who looked after Russel.

Her dad was also hugely grateful for the care he received.