Emotional scenes as man leaves hospital after being given ''20% chance'' of surviving Covid-19

Lee's family were told he had a 20% chance of surviving Credit: Manchester Evening News

There were emotional scenes as NHS staff applauded a Covid-19 patient ashe finally left hospital.

Lee Seddon's family were told he had a 20 per cent chance ofrecovering from coronavirus after he was placed in a coma and requiredventilator treatment.

But after waking up from the coma a few weeks ago Lee, of Swinton,surprised medics and fought the virus is now clear of coronavirus, though he has had to learn to walk again after spending more than a month in hospital.

Lee, 45, was given a warm welcome from family, friends and neighbours when he was finally allowed to return home.

A convoy of bicycles drove past as he walked to the entrance of hishome using a zimmer-frame.

One of the banners which greeted Lee at home Credit: Manchester Evening News

Despite the celebrations, Rachel said Lee is still recovering from thevirus and can only walk a few steps at a time.

He was first admitted to Salford Royal Hospital back in March andrequired ICU treatment on April 2.

She said: "He is home, that is amazing.

"He was clapped out of the hospital by all of the hospital staff. Fromthe cleaning staff to those in intensive care, they came out as well,and the rehab ward staff because he was in intensive care for so long.

"It was so lovely. It was so emotional. The day had finally come - heis actually coming out."

Lee was placed in a coma and treated with a ventilator Credit: Manchester Evening News

Rachel added: "He is still struggling, he can only walk a bit with a zimmer frame.He has a long recovery to go. But we are so focused and positive.

"He is off the oxygen. They would not let him out until he was stable.He is still struggling with some steps, he does get out of breath.

"He is still got to have x-rays and follow ups with everything. He ishaving physio. The doctors have been on the phone. They are allsupportive. Our doctors have been in touch, checking with him andstuff."

She joked one of the first things he said was to ask for the TVremote, as he had been missing his home comforts while in hospital.

"We just thanked each other for fighting it and for being positive and focused.

"He has got to spend 12 weeks in isolation now. We are not evenallowing our children and grandchildren to go out."