How the law courts are continuing during lockdown

Credit: ITV Granada

With many courts still suspended or closed to the public the legal system has had to adapt quickly to the current crisis.

The courts have directed that all matters that can be dealt with remotely should be.

And where possible, many firms are working from home and handling cases and proceedings over the phone or on video.

Overnight we went from being in court to doing everything over the internet and remotely, so it's been a big shock to the system in that way.

Jo-anne Lomax, Morecrofts Solicitors

Jo-anne's a family lawyer from Liverpool.

She specialises in children's proceedings, often dealing with complex and harrowing cases involving the care or custody of a child

Cases that still need to be dealt with by the court system, even if lockdown means they cant be heard IN a court.

The change in the way the legal system runs is also equally challenging for those involved in court cases.

Sarah's involved in an ongoing custody case with a former partner. She's finding the remote hearing process chaotic and confusing

It was daunting being on the phone, there's no sense of control. It's just a basic free for all. Everyone's trying to get their points across, it's all rushed on the phone, there's no structure, everyone speaks and the case gets misunderstood.


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