A man who mowed down his victim in a car in Manchester before striking him while unconscious with a crow bar has been jailed for four years.

Aqeel Ahmed, 24, of Queensgate, Bolton pleaded guilty to attempted assault, dangerous driving and drink driving.

On Tuesday 25 February 2020 at around 2pm Ahmed was seen on CCTV entering the shop of a petrol station on Cheetham Hill Road in Manchester after he had pulled up in a VW Touran car.

He demanded staff in the store to tell him the address of the station so he could tell someone to meet him there.

Ahmed then left the shop and confronted a man in the car park of the petrol station.

After the confrontation, Ahmed got into his car and sped the vehicle around on Cheetham Hill Road to re-enter the petrol station where he mowed down the man who landed on the bonnet of the car

"This was an unrelenting attack on a man who Ahmed didn’t even know, that could have caused life threatening injuries.

Detective Constable Terry Macmillan

Warning the CCTV contains some graphic images.

Ahmed then stopped his car abruptly, causing the man to fly off the bonnet into another parked vehicle.

As the man lay unconscious on the floor Ahmed stamped on his head three times.

The driver of the parked vehicle bravely attempted to restrain Ahmed, but he broke free and picked up a crow bar – striking the man on the floor victim several more times.

Police arrived quickly and Ahmed was arrested at the scene.

The man suffered a laceration to his scalp that required hospital treatment.