Beer bottles, rubbish and laughing gas canisters strewn across Formby beach

A beach in Merseyside was trashed by revellers who left beer bottles,rubbish and laughing gas canisters strewn across the sand.

The shocking scenes at Formby beach in Merseyside came despite pleasfrom police for people to continue social distancing.

But the good weather meant hundreds of people flocked to the coaston Saturday - and many of them left their litter behind.

Pictures taken on the beach later show empty water coolers, mountains of tin cans and plastic bags lying alongside empty glass bottles and abandoned beach towels.

Credit: Liverpool Echo

Among the mounds of litter, there were also stray cigarette butts,shoes and beach ball games.

Large groups spotted at the beach on Saturday also left behind metallaughing gas canisters and dozens of boxes containing the nitrousoxide.

Credit: Liverpool Echo

"Parking issues, litter and minor incidents of disorder were reported to the council and police over the weekend, and a large quantity of alcohol handed into police by people making their way to Formby beach.

Chief Inspector Derek Riley, Merseyside Police
Credit: Liverpool Echo