Miles of forest destroyed as crews tackle huge fires in Lancashire

A significant portion of forest land has been destroyed in afire at Longridge Fell in Lancashire.

More than 60 firefighters were called to tackle the blaze, whichhas sent plumes of smoke billowing into the air.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue were at called to a tree plantation on OldClitheroe Road, Dutton, at around 2pm on Sunday (May 31).

By this point, the fire had already grown to a significant size.

Crews have also been busy battling a fire in Darwen Moor this weekend.As of 5.30pm, 10 engines had been called to the scene, but damage hasalready been done to the land in the area.

Crews at the scene. Credit: MEN Media
  • Update from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service on Sunday.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service on Sunday that five fire engines would remain at the scene overnight, to resume fire fighting "at first light" on Monday.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service has issued a warning to the countyabout using barbecues during spells of hot weather.

The incident in Darwen from Saturday evening (May 30) is believed tohave been caused by a portable device.

Members of the public have also been advised to avoid the area aroundLongridge Fell.

Residents nearby have also been told to keep all windows and doorsshut while the incident is ongoing.