Lancashire children's charity fears for survival as lockdown forced doors shut

A children's charity forced to close its doors due to the coronavirus pandemic fears for its survival and health and wellbeing of those who they support.

Twinkle House in West Lancashire, is a children's wellness and sensory centre which closed its doors to ensure the safety of those they care for during the pandemic.

But, the charity say it has a lost 78% of its income due to the pandemic - around £19,000 - and fear if they don't reopen soon, they won't survive.

Staff are also concerned about the number of service users they have turned away from their service due to the lockdown.

The charity helps children with learning and physical difficulties, as well as those living with dementia.

Staff at Twinkle House say they are desperate to reopen and support those most vulnerable.

To ensure their facilities are safe the charity has implemented new measures in the hope of reopening in August.