Liverpool City Council make a dream come true for young Alder Hey patient

240720 Geelan Family Liverpool City Council
David Geelan (centre) celebrates his new bins with brothers Joseph, Thomas and dad Andrew. Credit: Liverpool City Council

A 10-year-old boy has been gifted a part of Liverpool after frequent trips to the city where he is under the care of Alder Hey Children's Hospital.

Hailing from Middlesborough, David Geelan was born with Craniosynostosis, a condition which the skull joins together too early.

Under the care of Alder Hey Children's Hospital, David has been making the 100-mile trip to the hospital for reconstruction surgery and regular check-ups ever since. 

The family say the city is their second home and always know they have arrived in Liverpool when they see the iconic purple wheelie bins.

David's dad, Andrew Geelan, said: “Liverpool is our second home and we try and get back there as often as we can. We always know we are in Liverpool when we see the purple bins, so I thought I would email to see if we could get one."

Officers from Liverpool City Council's Streetscene Services received a request from Andrew who wanted to know if he could buy a purple bin for David and the family.

The team acknowledged Andrew's request and this week headed for the North East to provide him a full-sized wheelie bin for the garden and a smaller one so David can store his toys in it. 

10-year-old David Geelan named the new bins Bella and Bertie - after Liverpool’s famous Liver Birds. Credit: Liverpool City Council

Andrew added: "I never dreamt the council would bring two up for me. David is thrilled and it just goes to show the kindness and generosity of the people of Liverpool, they are willing to go the extra mile for anyone.”

David has named his new arrivals Bella and Bertie - after Liverpool’s famous Liver Birds.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson, said: “David is an amazing young man and we are really thrilled that he and his family love our city so much. It is clear that the family have done a tremendous amount of great work for Alder Hey, so it really was the least we could do to present them with their very own purple bins.

“We’re proud to call David and his family honorary Scousers. I have asked them to come and see me next time they’re in Liverpool and we’ll make their stay a really memorable one.”

Irene Axom from Alder Hey Children’s Charity, added: “We know how much David loves the city of Liverpool and it’s wonderful that the council has been able to gift him two wheelie bins. The Geelan family are great ambassadors for our hospital and we’d like to thank them for all their continued support. We’ll see you when you’re next in Liverpool.”