48% of people in North West wouldn't take any form of holiday during coronavirus, study finds

A survey by ITV News has found that 48% of people in the North West wouldn't consider taking any sort of holiday during the coronavirus pandemic.

The survey also found that just 4% of people in the region would take a short break abroad, with only 9% willing to take a longer one.

This is bad news for the travel and tourism industry, which has already been badly hit by the pandemic.

Nicola Palmer, who runs an independent travel agency in Birkenhead blames confusion over quarantine rules for low numbers of people wanting to travel abroad.

She said: "People will always to go on holiday and they're desperate to go on holiday's now, but I do think the government does need to get involved and lift some of the restrictions on areas where there are not so many cases, just to get some of the travel industry moving again."

However, the survey did find that more people in the North West would be willing to go on holiday in the UK.


Of people in the North West would consider a long UK break.


Of people in the North West would consider taking a short UK break.

Does this mean that North West attractions are getting more visitors at the expense of people going abroad?

The East Lancashire Railway in Bury re-opened around three weeks ago and saw 1000 people over their first two weekends.

Their opening events were sell-outs they've seen amazing public support and visitor numbers since reopening - with their dining trains last weekend selling out and running at capacity.

People flocked to Blackpool at the end of July. Credit: PA

The Director of Tourism for Blackpool Council, Alan Cavill, has said that the seaside resort has had a good July and August in terms of tourism numbers.

He added: "There are a lot of people coming to Blackpool, who perhaps wouldn't have normally come to Blackpool at this time of year. There's been a number of stories about people saying they would have been in Tenerife or in Spain or in Greece instead."

The Lake District has also seen huge numbers of visitors with some campsites having to temporarily close due to people leaving their tents and large amounts of rubbish behind.

An increase in the number of people getting vans converted has also been seen in the UK this summer.

One campervan company in Blackburn said that there is also an increase on people getting heating systems installed so that they can use them in the winter months.

Graham Howard of North West Campervan Co said that the vans are great for family bubbles as they are self-contained and people don't have to worry about sharing facilities with other people.