Ormskirk charity supporting disabled children in Lancashire re-opens

A charity that supports severely disabled children in Lancashire has been able to reopen its doors for the first time since lockdown in March.

The Rainbow Hub in Ormskirk offers therapy and support sessions to children and their families.

Becky Ballantyne, who's son William attends the centre, said: "It has been extremely difficult, we haven't had any contact with family members or friends and a lot of these support systems are on zoom calls so to come through the doors and have face to face contact amazing."

She added that she has seen a deterioration in William's undiagnosed muscle condition whilst he has not been able to attend sessions at the hub.

Lyndsay Fahey, who is the Interim Chief Executive of the Rainbow Hub said that whilst online support has been provided during lockdown, it is not the same as being with the children in person.

"The whole point of the work we do is to get up close with the children and support them and help them physically.

"So we've been relying on parents to do that with instructions from us over the cameras, so it has been very difficult and it's going to take a couple of weeks to get them back to where they were before lockdown."