Training for barbers to spot warning signs of mental health issues

Up to 40 barbers are to be trained online. Credit: PA Images

Barbers are being taught to spot the warning signs of mental health issues as part of local schemes to help prevent suicides.

The BarberTalk scheme, which is backed by grassroots groups in Greater Manchester who saw that men spend more time with their barber than their GP, gives barbers the skills to spot signs that someone may be struggling and ways to help them.

It is part of a £10 million package in which local NHS, public health teams and voluntary organisations are helping to bolster suicide prevention plans and give practical and emotional support to grieving friends and family.

It could come with the offer of one-to-one sessions with trained volunteers or counsellors, group support or being helped to contact specialist mental health services.

Up to 40 barbers will be given training online as part of BarberTalk, which is being run by the mental health and suicide prevention charity The Lions Barber Collective.

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