'She enriched our lives': Eilidh Macleod remembered at Manchester Arena Inquiry

14-year-old Eilidh MacLeod has been remembered at the Manchester Arena Inquiry. Credit: Family Photo/PA

Eilidh MacLeod has been remembered by her family in a "beautiful and fitting" tribute at the Manchester Arena inquiry.

The 14-year-old from the island of Barra, off the coast of Scotland, was one of the 22 people killed in the Manchester Arena attack in May 2017.

A 30-minute video was shown to Manchester Magistrates Court and featured tributes from Eilidh's parents, sisters, aunties, cousin, former teachers and friends.

The video also showcased the beautiful island where Eilidh grew up and the tributes were accompanied by bagpipe music.

Eilidh was a keen musician and played the bagpipes - earlier this year a bagpipe tune was composed in her memory to help support a charity set up in her name.

  • Eilidh's mum Marion MacLeod led the tribute

Eilidh's mother Marion started the pen portrait video. She said that she had had the privilege of being Eilidh's mum for 14 short years and that she was a "special" girl.

She also said that there was "no doubt in her mind" that whatever Eilidh had put her mind to in the future she would have been good at.

She added: "Our whole world’s been shattered into pieces, I love her, we always have and we always will. We miss her, always."

Her father Roderick said that she was growing into a "lovely, lovely young woman".

Her older sister Shona said that Eilidh was her "best friend" despite being two years younger than her, whilst her younger sister Laura talked of the bond that they shared over a love of Harry Potter.

  • Eilidh's aunts and cousin pay tribute

Eilidh's aunt Margaret McNeill said: "She enriched our lives in so many ways - she was simply a shining light in our lives that has now been extinguished and our lives are now a bit darker without her."

Her cousin, and godfather Anthony, said: "I miss Eilidh every single day, I miss everything about her every single day. I'm still Eilidh's godfather and I always will be and I love her millions and I always will."

A series of Eilidh's teachers paid tribute as well, with one saying "she just shone".

Eilidh's teacher Michelle McLean said: "You’re taught not to have favourites but some children just stick with you.

"She was the warmest girl that you'd ever meet. She loved, she smiled, she laughed, and she cared about everybody. She taught me as a class teacher to be a better person."

Her bagpipe teacher also spoke in the tribute saying: "As we say in the islands, she had the music. She was full of the music."

Following the conclusion of the video the chairman of the inquiry Sir John Saunders said to the family of Eilidh MacLeod: "That was a very beautiful and fitting tribute.

"May I be permitted to add a personal note: music has always played a great part in my life, but at the risk of upsetting the whole of Scotland I've never been a great fan of the bagpipes.

"But watching that has begun to change my mind, thank you."

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