'Fun-loving, kind, thoughtful person': Kelly Brewster remembered at Manchester Arena Inquiry

Kelly Brewster's family have spoken of their grief as they remember her at the Manchester Arena Inquiry. Credit: Family Photo

Kelly Brewster's family have spoken of the toll her loss has taken on her parents as she was remembered at the Manchester Arena Inquiry.

Kelly was 32 when she was killed, she was from Sheffield and worked as an insurance claims assessor for Arriva, who called her their very own "pocket rocket".

She had been at the Ariana Grande concert with her sister Claire and her niece Hollie.

The inquiry heard how Kelly had a passion for music and travelling and had a "larger than life personality" despite only being 5ft tall.

Manchester Magistrates Court was also told of the effect Kelly's loss has had on her parents.

Kelly's mum Kim is said to be in "constant pain", whilst her father Kevin has suffered a heart attack and stroke since the bombing and that he travels to Manchester Victoria regularly, as it is where he feels closest to his daughter.

Miss Brewster met her partner and "soul mate" Ian Winslow in 2014, who had his own daughter from a previous relationship - and the pair were planning their own family together.

The family's statement was read to the inquiry by their legal representatives.

  • Kelly Brewster's family's statement was read by their legal representatives

Kelly's family said in the statement heard in court: "We have been robbed of Kelly's future in the cruellest and most barbaric way."

"We will never see her become a mother, or get married. Kim will never take her shopping for her wedding dress and Kevin will never get to walk his youngest daughter down the aisle."

The statement also said that Kelly had grown into an intelligent, funny, opinionated woman who knew what she wanted.

Kelly's sister Claire said in the statement that she had lost her sidekick and her closest friend.

Her brother Adam said that he misses his sister "dearly" especially her excitement for the little things in life that no one ever thought of.

The inquiry also heard that Kelly's partner Ian and his daughter Phoebe have had their future's stolen too, as all the plans they had made with Kelly will now never take place.

  • Kelly's friend pays tribute - statement read by family's legal representative

A series of statements from Kelly's friends were also read out in court.

The court heard how Kelly loved a night out and that she never failed to put a smile onto people's faces.

One friend spoke of how she still reaches for her phone to speak to her about something before the grief is lived all over again when she remembers.

The chairman of the inquiry, Sir John Saunders, said to Kelly's family: "So many of the things that you have recorded about Kelly growing up will have struck a chord with those of us who have daughters.

"If I may be permitted to say you are properly proud of who she was and what she achieved. You would have been even more proud, had she been allowed to carry on living."

The inquiry has been adjourned until tomorrow.

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