Record attempt aims to spell the end for modern slavery

Gordon Miller cyclist

A Manchester cyclist will embark on a near-1,000-mile ride around England to raise awareness of modern day slavery.

Gordon Miller will set off from St Ann’s Square in the city centre on his #RideForFreedom2020.

The event is a verified Guinness World Records attempt to set the record for “the largest GPS drawing by bicycle (individual)”.

The GPS mapped route he will cycle will spell “end modern slavery”.

He will be joined on the first of his 13 daily rides by employees from Manchester-based anti-slavery charity Hope for Justice.

Gordon's ride will criss-cross England on pre-planned GPS routes.

  • The word ‘end’ spans Manchester, Sheffield and Rotherham.

  • ‘Modern’ takes him from Ludlow to Peterborough via Birmingham.

  • ‘Slavery’ starts in Bristol and ends on 2 October in central London.

“The idea both to spell and cycle the words “end modern slavery” came to me on one of my many training bike rides,” Gordon said.

“That was the easy part! Actually mapping them took quite a few hours.”

The routes have been approved by the Guinness World Records verification team. During the ride Miller will have to GPS track and submit the daily routes, take photos as evidence, and complete a log book.