'She had a beautiful heart': Courtney Boyle remembered at Manchester Arena Inquiry

Courtney Boyle has been remembered at the Manchester Arena Inquiry. Credit: Family Photo

Tributes have been paid to Courtney Boyle as "pen portraits" continue at the inquiry into the Manchester Arena attack.

Courtney, who was 19 when she was killed in the bombing, was from Gateshead and was picking up her sister from the Ariana Grande concert with her mum's partner Phillip Tron, who was also killed in the explosion.

Courtney's mam, Deborah Hutchinson, spoke in Manchester Magistrates Court before statements from other member's of Courtney's family were read by the family's legal representatives.

A video of pictures from Courtney's life was also shown to the inquiry, accompanied by the song 'I will love you for a thousand years'.

Courtney was a criminology student at Leeds Beckett University at the time of her death - she has subsequently been given an honorary degree by the university.

  • Courtney's mam, Deborah Hutchinson

Deborah said in her statement: "She had become a gorgeous woman with a caring nature to match."

Deborah had been with Courtney on the night of the attack, having spent the day with her in Manchester.

She added: "I can still see my daughters smile as she left the car that night."Knowing now that her life has been cruelly taken from her when she had everything to live for.

"Courtney never hurt anyone, she had a beautiful heart and always put others first."

A statement was also read by the family's legal team from Courtney's sister, Nicole.

"Growing up with Courtney was like growing up with a best friend," the statement said."She guided all three of us, me, herself and my mam through darker times, shining a light on these situations, ensuring we kept a smile on our face."

Nicole said Courtney's personality stood out and that losing her felt like they had lost a "part of themselves".

She added that she wanted to make sure that Courtney is remembered as an amazingly bright and smart girl, who shone so brightly.

  • Callum Maundrill, Courtney's boyfriend, had a statement read by the family's legal team

Callum Maundrill met Courtney at Leeds festival and said: "Seeing her blossom so angelically into the confident, passionate, free spirit that she was, still to this day gives me so much joy, because I was so so lucky to bump into her in what was essentially a field filled with 90,000."

He added that she had brilliant resilence and that it breaks his heart that she never got the chance to continue to grow as a person and that her loss was "deep and crushing".

The chairman to the inquiry, Sir John Saunders, thanked Debra Hutchinson for telling the court how her daughter had grown into a "confident, successful and independent young woman".

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