Drive-in pantomime to tour parts of North West during festive period

The drive-in pantomime being put on by the Birmingham Stage Company will visit Manchester and Liverpool. Credit: PA

A drive-in performance of a Christmas pantomime is set to tour outdoor venues across the North West this winter.

The Car Park Panto show will visit locations including Manchester and Liverpool, which is being put on by the Birmingham Stage Company.

The show will be Horrible Christmas, a pantomime inspired by the series of Horrible Histories children's books by Terry Deary.

The pantomime will tell the story of a young boy trying to save Christmas and will also explore some of the history behind the festive season.

Audience members will have their tickets scanned through their car windows upon arrival at the outdoor venue which will cost £45 per car.

Cars will then be parked more than two metres apart and audience members will watch the show from inside their vehicles, picking up sound from the performance via their radios.

Toilet facilities and food and drink will be available on site but social distancing measures will be in place.

Horrible Histories manager Neal Foster said: "We can't wait to be back on stage in cities and towns that will be crying out for a Christmas show to entertain their families."

Venues and dates for the performances are yet to be announced.