'She was gusto and gung-ho': Elaine McIver remembered at Manchester Arena Inquiry

Elaine McIver has been remembered by her parents and sister at the Manchester Arena Inquiry. Credit: Family Photo

Elaine McIver has been remembered by her family and partner in her 'pen portrait' at the Manchester Arena Inquiry.

Elaine, who was 43 when she died, was a Cheshire Police officer but was off-duty when she was killed in the bombing.

She had been at the arena with her partner to collect his daughter and her friend.

Her sister Lynda told the inquiry that Elaine was a "very private person" and that her family, including parents Frank and Patricia, had initially chosen not to put a pen portrait together.

However, they changed their minds and decided to remember her with a short video presentation of photographs from Elaine's life set to the Coldplay song 'Clocks'.

Lynda told the hearing that her sister "embraced life" and was "gusto and gung-ho" and would hate to be remembered as a victim.

Her partner, Paul Price, who was seriously injured in the bombing, added to the portrait of Elaine on Tuesday afternoon.

He said that he and Elaine had so much in common and that they "couldn't have been happier".

  • Some of the photographs shown to the inquiry

Introducing the portrait, Lynda said: "She was very much loved and very much a massive pivotal part of our family.

"So how do you begin to talk about someone who was such a big part of your life? Well, the thing is you don't, you just can't say in a short period of time what somebody meant to you and how much they meant to you, and how much she loved us and how much we loved her so much.

"So instead the old saying goes 'a picture says a thousand words' and I hope this little presentation of photographs from our family album will give just a little bit of a taste of the character that Elaine was, the attitude she had and her lust for life, and the way she was a cheeky little girl from the minute she was born."

  • Paul Price pays tribute to his partner Elaine McIver, read by friend Jo Doyle

Mr Price spoke of how he had met Elaine through a mutual friend three years before the Manchester Arena attack and how they had initially bonded over a love of music.

Elaine's best friend, Jo Doyle, read the tribute on Mr Price's behalf.

He said that Elaine had a "warm and friendly personality" and that they had just had an offer accepted on their dream home together when she was killed.

He said: "My whole world has been turned upside down. Elaine and I had both just found each other - the love of our lives after years of heartache and being alone and now we had our whole future to look forward to."

"Elaine was an extraordinary person and everyone who knew her would say the same. She just had a way with people, you felt like you could open up to her and tell her anything," he added.

"I loved Elaine so much and we had our whole future's ahead of us and we were finally going to live happily ever after."

The chairman to the inquiry, Sir John Saunders, thanked both Elaine's family and her partner for telling the inquiry about Elaine and her life.

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