Merseyside Police seize variety of weapons and £800,000 in cash across Wirral during September

Officers found £800,000 in cash along with stolen art during a raid on a house in Bromborough. Credit: Merseyside Police

Merseyside Police have seized a number of weapons and £800,000 in cash on the Wirral during September as part of an operation to deal with serious violence.

A number of raids and searches carried out by police resulted in knives, tasers and even a crossbow being found, resulting in several people across the Wirral being arrested.

Police also seized drugs from various properties across the peninsula.

Durgs found at a property in Wallasey. Credit: Merseyside Police

Inspector Danny Murphey said: "This month’s highlights shows the variety of proactive policing that we undertake and the number of weapons we seize, in order to make the Wirral a safer place for the wider community."

Inspector Murphy continued: "No one should ever feel intimidated by another person or feel that criminal gangs are threatening their safety, nor should young people be at risk of being exploited by those involved in a criminal lifestyle.

"Taking drugs, weapons and dangerous people off our streets before someone is seriously injured or even killed is just one way our teams are working to make the Wirral a safer place."