Jahmal Williams-Thomas: How racism affected people in Manchester in the 1960s

When Hubert Thomas and his Irish wife Ita moved to Russell Street in Moss Side, Manchester in the 1960s they faced harassment and racist bullying.

Hubert moved to Manchester from Jamaica, he also had some Chinese heritage, and his son Tony said that the neighbours viewed him as a black man and consequently children would often come to the fence of their house to spit at them.

Hubert's daughter Teresa said: "It was difficult as a child growing up, you look at yourself and you say, well I'm white, so it was very hard to comprehend why you'd be called the n-word.

"Why your mother would be harassed as she walked down the street: Is that all you can find to marry, a black man?"

The racism faced by the Thomas family resulted in a race riot on Russell street after Hubert confronted a man who had pushed his young son.

The incident was written about in the Sunday Times and called the "Race fight that need never have happened".