'Modified isolation' scrapped as Isle of Man returns to 14-day enforced isolation for all returning residents

Anyone arriving on the Isle of Man is legally required to go straight into self-isolation. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

All returning residents to the Isle of Man will be required to self-isolate for 14 days after the government has scrapped their earlier 'modified isolation' policy.

Previously, all residents arriving on the Isle of Man were given a choice to self-isolate for seven days and then take a swab test at the cost of £50.

If an individual then tested negative, they were in what the government called 'modified isolation' meaning they could shop for essentials and exercise outdoors.

However, from 11th October all returnees will now be required to self-isolate for the full 14 days.

Anyone who has already had their day-seven test, and received a negative results, will not be affected by the change.

This will mean the rules will revert back to their original state, prior to 3rd September 2020 when 'modified isolation' was introduced.

Chief Minister, Howard Quayle, explained that this was due to the rising infection rate in the UK.

We feel that remaining at level four, but returning to the gold standard of fourteen days of mandatory self-isolation will shore up our defences against the potential return of the virus. Across the water, the battle against COVID-19 is still, sadly, going in the wrong direction. The expected surge in cases that everyone had hoped could be avoided, has come to pass.

Howard Quayle MHK, Isle of Man Chief Minister

He also said there would be no changes in border stages meaning the Isle of Man will remain at stage four - only allowing Manx residents and key workers into the island.

Anyone entering the Isle of Man is required by law to travel straight from the sea terminal or airport, into their accommodation without stopping for any reason.