"It really knocked the hell out of me." One patient's battle with Long Covid

People need to take this seriously: that is the message from a patient who's suffering from what's described as Long Covid.

It is when debilitating symptoms persist long after the infection has gone. 

Morecambe Bay NHS Trust is currently providing post Covid rehabilitation to 200 patients who had been in hospital and many more who have sought help from their GPs.

Correspondent Elaine Willcox has been speaking to one man whose life changed overnight:

A study from King’s College London shows one in 20 people with COVID-19 are likely to have symptoms for 8 weeks or more. The study suggests long COVID affects around 10% of 18-49 year olds who become unwell with COVID-19.

The government says the NHS recently announced £10 million to run designated long COVID clinics in every area across England where respiratory consultants, physiotherapists, other specialists and GPs will all help assess, diagnose and treat thousands of people who have reported symptoms ranging from breathlessness, chronic fatigue, “brain fog” to anxiety and stress.