Granada Introducing ..... [ K S R ] a soul singer from Manchester

[ K S R ] is a 22 year old hip hop, soul, R&B and occasional rapper from Manchester's Moss Side.

His music career began as a teenager in the Manchester United Foundation Choir and he started to write and produce his own songs at 17.

His latest single 'Stylin' was released in August after months in lockdown and is a more personal song about who he is and where he's from.

Roosevelt Kazaula Sigsbert combines his music, while working as a community coach with Manchester City to help engage youngsters in music and sport.

There's already an artist called Roosevelt so he opted for [ K S R ] which means he spends a lot of time saying 'box brackets and spaces'.

His music has also caught the attention of a major sports brand, who chose him to represent Manchester's creative spirit.

[ K S R ] is performing some of his latest music, from his new EP 'Take Control' in a virtual gig on Friday night streamed by @Size? on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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