Stockport woman went to hospital with back pain and came out with a baby boy

Rhea Martin with boyfriend Luke Melling and newborn Myles Credit: MEN Media

A woman from Greater Manchester went to hospital with crippling back pain and came out with baby - despite having absolutely no idea she was pregnant.

Rhea Martin was relaxing at home with her boyfriend, Luke Melling, when her painful period developed into agonising back pain. Just days before, she had visited her local hospital where she was told her pain was definitely caused by a bad period.

The 24-year-old saleswoman was taken to hospital and dropped off at A&E, where she kissed Luke goodbye and told him she’d be out soon. But Rhea, from Heaton Norris in Stockport, was left stunned when medics told her she was in labour

After hearing the news, Rhea fell unconscious in a state of shock and woke up in a different room, with a midwife telling her to ‘pull it together for her baby and push’.

With no time to process the news, Rhea was unable to call Luke or her parents to let them know she was pregnant.

She gave birth to little Myles Melling, weighing 6lb 7oz, at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport on October 20.

Rhea was told her back pain was caused by a bad period before being told she was pregnant. Credit: MEN Media

Speaking afterwards, Rhea said: "I called Luke and told him to come to the hospital where I met him outside.

“I told him there and then and the first thing he asked was if he was a boy, because he’s always wanted a son.

“We can laugh about everything now but at the time it was actually quite traumatising.

"You go into hospital thinking you have serious back pain and a bad stomach ache caused by your period and come out with a baby.

“We had no time to process anything or prepare so the last six weekshave been challenging and we’ve been so lucky to have amazing parentswho have helped us out massively."

Known as a 'cryptic pregnancy', Rhea’s baby was tucked away towards her back, showing no physical bump.