GP practices across the North West begin the Covid 19 vaccine rollout

GP practices across the North West have begun administering the Covid 19 vaccine.  

84-year-old Geoffrey Greenhoff from Winsford was one fo the first patients to be vaccinated.

Geoffrey's wife is in a care home and he hopes the vaccine will help him see her again.

  • Priority for the vaccine is being given to the over 80s, along with health and care workers.

  • Those eligible are being told to wait until contacted by the NHS.

Dr Jonathan Griffiths, from Swanlow Medical Centre, Winsford, said:

"We have been working really hard all year, we all have in different ways to deal with this pandemic and it's great that we have got to this point and we can finally start to give out some vaccines that hopefully will make a difference. And hopefully we can get a bit of light at the end of the tunnel."

Dr Jonathan Griffiths