Granada Introducing KinKai a soul singer and rapper from Manchester

KinKai is a soul singer, hip hop and rapper from Manchester who has been writing new music throughout lockdown.

He's one of the few people to admit to 'enjoying' lockdown, as it gave him the chance to write more 30 songs. The 29 year old, who currently lives in Cheetham Hill combines a full time job with music, recording and performing.

His latest single 'Top Down' was released in April just after the first national lockdown. The track sees him performing alongside soul artist Tyler Daley and beat maker Konny Kon from Children of Zeus, who've been dubbed the 'Godfathers of Manchester soul'.

KinKai, who's name was inspired by his love of the cartoon, Dragon Ball Z wanted to make a music video, standing in a convertible car, with his arms outstretched as if he was in Miami. Instead it was filmed in country lanes near Blackpool, but he's thrilled with the result.

KinKai Credit: KinKai

The most soulful track on his new EP, 'A pennies worth' is a collaboration with Saffron Grace. 'Plantain and Champagne is his 'Ode to Black women' and he describes plantain as the 'essence of life'.

Despite his love of lockdown, a time to read and watch sunrises, he's keen for life to return back to normal and start performing again, even if there's just 3 people in the crowd, he said ' I'll do it'.

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