Sir Paul McCartney says he will take the vaccine but fears anti-vaxxer message is "taking hold" online

Sir Paul McCartney has said he fears the message put out by anti-vaxxers is "taking hold" because of the internet.

The ex-Beatle, aged 78, also said that he would have the COVID-19 vaccination jab.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4 he said "I will (take the vaccine), and I'd like to encourage people to get it too".

He has also said that he doubts Glastonbury will take place next year saying "I think they've cancelled Glastonbury for 2021, haven't they?"

Sir Paul was set to headline the festival's 50th anniversary this year before it was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Co-organiser of Glastonbury Emily Eavis has said they aim to have the festival back in June.

Sir Paul McCartney has also praised the wearing of face masks saying "If you talk to any famous people, the mask is a blessing. There's none of this - 'You're taking away my civil liberties' - it's like it's great for us. I would normally go to a supermarket but would expect to get recognised. With this, you can go anywhere."

Famous faces including actor Sir Ian McKellen, Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith and rock and roll star Marty Wilde have already been vaccinated.