Fears rescue centres could be overrun with chickens abandoned after lockdown

The charity fears rescue centres could be overrun. Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA has raised concerns about the number of hens and cockerels being abandoned this winter.

Dozens of birds have been dumped in recent weeks, sparking fears that charities and rescue centres will soon be overrun with unwanted chickens.

The animal welfare charity believes the rise could be down to a surge in people buying chickens during lockdown - who now find they are unable or unwilling to look after them

The charity says many may have bought eggs during lockdown - without realising how to properly care for birds. Credit: RSPCA

A charity spokesperson said: “Concerns were raised during lockdown about the increase in pet acquisition and ownership, and we feared that people would soon lose interest and start to hand their animals over once life started to return to normal. 

Cockerels have been dumped when people realise how noisy they can be. Credit: RSPCA

There are also concerns that some families may have taken on unsexed chicks, which have grown into noisy cockerels so are now being abandoned.

The RSPCA fears that this problem could worsen as cases of bird flu are confirmed across the country.

This means that bird keepers need to keep their birds contained indoors from 14 December and the charity recommends the owners of all captive birds follow the Government’s biosecurity advice.