What are ewe doing up there? Sheep discovered on garage roof in Whitworth

Credit: MEN Media

This is the odd moment a homeowner woke up to find six sheep - on her garage roof.

Ella Aldred says the sheep are regular visitors to her back garden and often visit in search of something to eat.

But, there was nothing sheepish about their behaviour when Ella looked out of her window on Tuesday morning, 5 January, to see the half dozen animals on top of the roof.

Ella, who lives in Whitworth near Rochdale, says the sheep roam the estate after coming down from the nearby hills, eating grass and plants from gardens and verges.

She thinks they made the 3ft jump from her garden after spotting the ivy-covered roof to nibble on.

Ella said: "They're regular visitors. You see them wandering round the estate quite a lot.

"I think they're coming down from the moors looking for something green to eat because it's covered in snow up there.

"But they've eaten all my plants now, so there's nothing left for them.

"I'm not bothered though.

"They're only plants - as long as they're getting something to eat it's alright."

The sheep are regular visitors to the estate, coming in search of something to eat. Credit: MEN Media