Coronation Street actor calls RSPCA after finding snake on toilet

The snake appeared in the actor's home in Hale. Credit: RSPCA

Coronation Street actor Harry Visinoni was forced to call the RSPCA after finding a four-foot-long snake on his toilet.

The actor, who plays Seb Franklin in the soap, saw the Royal Python emerge from behind the toilet in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Harry said: "I was just brushing my teeth and saw what looked like a snakehead pop from behind the wall at the back of the toilet. 

"I didn’t take it in at first and then looked again and realised what I had actually seen so I left the bathroom quickly and closed the door.

"We [Harry and his partner Ellie] went back in and watched as the snake then slithered onto the top of the toilet and sat on the seat just looking at us."

The couple returned to the bathroom an hour later and could no longer see the snake, so secured the room and called the RSPCA the next morning.

Sonia Hulme was sent to Harry's house by the animal charity and managed to locate the reptile behind a radiator - it is thought the snake belonged to the previous owner of the flat who had passed away.

The snake was found behind the radiator in the actor's bathroom. Credit: RSPCA

Sonia said: "We suspect she escaped months ago and probably lived in the wall cavity - but thankfully snakes can often survive with long gaps between meals.

"She is in really good condition and is certainly feeding well now."

The snake was named Lulu is now in the care of the RSPCA where she will be looked after by a specialist reptile keeper.

The RSPCA said they would always recommend that anyone who sees a stray exotic snake - to keep a safe distance and to call their helpline on 0300 1234 999.