Unlocking precious memories - meet the man in Stockport with the machine to help us relive them

Precious memories of children growing up, or family holidays...sadly 2021 technology won't help us relive them most likely for the first time in years. Cineprojectors, and ancient camcorders have long since been broken or lost. 

And that's where Dave Richardson comes into his own at his TV studio in Stockport. He's the man with the machines that can unlock those memories. 

Dave Richardson Credit: ITV News

A quick flick of the switch, a spin on the spools, and those magical movie memories come to life. And in lockdown that can lift us more than any Hollywood blockbuster. 

With Dave's digital dexterity, people are able to view footage filmed 20 years ago, all shot on a VHS camcorder.

And Croney had old tapes in a box at home for over 20 years too...