More than 1,000 volunteers come forward to support Manchester's mass vaccination programme

More than 1,000 people have come forward to support efforts in Manchester to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of patients. Last week, the first of six new community vaccination hubs opened, with the Newton Heath Health Centre in North Manchester opening its doors. A further five hubs will open across the city this week.

  • Irish World Heritage Centre, Cheetham Hill – live from January 14

  • The Vallance Centre, Brunswick - live from January 14

  • The Grange Community Centre, Beswick – live from January 15

  • Chancellors Hotel, Fallowfield – live from January 15

  • The Jain Community Centre, Longsight – live from January 16

They join the two centres which are already up and running – the Woodhouse Park Active Lifestyle Centre in Wythenshawe and the Newton Heath Health Centre.To support efforts a large cohort of volunteers will assist the roll out of the vaccine. So far 1,015 people have come forward to help marshal the vaccination sites, and ensure that the project runs as smoothly as possible.

Hundreds of thousands of people in Manchester are set to be immunised over the coming months. As well as the community vaccination efforts work is also underway in the city’s hospitals, as well as pharmacies, GP surgeries and the regional mass vaccination centre at the Etihad Stadium.

The Etihad Tennis and Football Centre is one of the UK's mass vaccination hubs

When will I be contacted to get the vaccine?

  • GPs will be contacting patients about getting a vaccination in the order set out at a national level – with the most vulnerable first.

  • You may also receive a letter from the NHS offering you the option of attending the Great Manchester Mass Vaccination Centre at the Etihad Tennis Centre in Manchester, or a local pharmacy.

David Regan, Manchester’s Director of Public Health, said: 

“We in the early stages of one of the biggest and most ambitious public health initiatives ever seen in Manchester. The next few months will be critical if we are to turn the tide against this virus. I would ask anyone who is notified about getting a vaccine to keep their appointment. Until then the most important things we can all keep doing is maintaining social distancing, hand washing and sticking to national health guidelines.”

Every single person involved in the vaccination process, from the clinicians giving it, to the drivers delivering doses to Manchester, to the volunteers who will keep vaccination sites safe has a hugely significant role to play.

David Reagan, Manchester's Director of Public Health

Dr. Manisha Kumar, Medical Director of Manchester Health and Care Commissioning, said: “My colleagues are working tirelessly to roll out one of the largest and most important public health programmes in history. To successfully vaccinate as many people as possible will require a huge effort on all our parts, but I am confident we will be able to achieve this.”