People in Salford could lose thousands if Help to Buy scheme deadline is not extended

The whole idea of the Help to Buy scheme was to help first time buyers get onto the housing ladder. But some people hoping to buy properties at a site in Salford could losing thousands of pounds unless the Government extends the deadline. 

The building schedule has fallen behind because of Covid infections and restrictions and won't be completed until at least April. 

But 'Help to Buy' buildings have to be completed by the end of February.

The implications are widespread and many people fear without it they won't be able to afford to buy the property at all.

Greg and Dave have saved for a deposit for years Credit: ITV News

Greg and Dave from Manchester saved for years to get a deposit for what they call their dream home - helped along by the Government programme that's helped thousands to buy with a deposit of five per cent.

But to qualify for the current scheme, houses must be finished by the end of next month. And here Covid delays mean that isn't going to happen.

The scheme had been due to close at the end of last year, but in July the Government extended it for an extra two months. 

At the time the Housing Minister said it would 'provide certainty and assurance for families whose new homes have been delayed.'

But despite regional restrictions and two more national lockdowns - for now the deadline seems set in stone. 

Developer Jamie Hall says it's not possible to speed up construction while working safely Credit: ITV News

On Thursday, two Conservative MPs met with the Housing Minister, urging him to think again.

"We're all in the same boat, we all want the same thing." Credit: ITV News

Greg and Dave have already discovered they're not alone - campaigning alongside other buyers from the same development who all stand to lose out.

As this group already start to become good friends, it will be the Government who decides if they become good neighbours as well.