Pharmacist gives Covid-19 vaccine to 79-year-old dad

A pharmacist in Greater Manchester has given the Coronavirus vaccine to his 80-year-old dad.

Aneet Kapoor is the chairman of Greater Manchester's Pharmaceutical Committee and has been at the forefront of organising community vaccination efforts.

Today came the turn of his father, Suneel, who has spent much of the past year shielding due to being in an at-risk age group.

He got the jab at Whalley Range Cricket and Tennis Club. It's one of six new vaccination sites opening today.

Maneet, said: "It’s very emotional to see my father receiving his vaccine from my little brother today."

Suneel, 80, who lives just four doors down from Aneet, said: "It’s important to get the vaccine. If a son can give the vaccine to his own father, then it must be safe."

 Mr Kapoor Senior moved from India in 1965 and spent his life working on the local markets. When asked what he would do once restrictions were lifted, he said: "Firstly I will see my family. We will meet up again every Friday.

"And then I will book a flight to India and, hopefully, Aneet will come with me and take care of me!"

The other vaccine sites that have opened today in Greater Manchester are:

  • Everest Pharmacy, Whalley Range.

  • MMC College, Manchester.

  • Superdrug, Piccadilly, Manchester.

  • The Larkhill Centre, Altrincham.

  • Hollowood Chemist, Wigan.

The new pharmacy run sites join - the vaccination site at the Etihad campus, 15 hospital hubs and 55 GP-led sites - in rolling out the Greater Manchester Covid-19 vaccination programme.